Long Beach In-Home Dementia Care Helps Your Loved One Thrive


Benefits of In-Home Dementia Care

People with dementia need a routine. This helps keep their emotions more predictable and their living situation stable. In-home dementia care can allow a loved one to remain in the comfort of his own home while still receiving the professional help and supervision he needs to thrive. A Long Beach in-home care agency can supply a trained caregiver to care for your loved one suffering from dementia and also provide you with much-needed breaks. 

A person with dementia often cannot function on his own. He needs assistance remembering things such as appointments and, in some cases, help dressing and bathing. In-home dementia care ensures day-to-day tasks aren’t forgotten and that your loved one’s health and hygiene are cared for properly. 

If your loved one has a doctor’s appointment, the Long Beach homecare agency will not only make sure he gets to the appointment, but can act as an advocate during the visit as well. An in-home dementia caregiver speaks up when patients cannot, discusses ailments and medications, and can relay day-to-day events so that physicians have the entire story.

Remember that when you hire a temporary agency or rely on family and friends, your loved one doesn’t always know who will show up or when they will show up to help. Inconsistencies such as this can trigger emotional outbursts and confuse someone suffering from dementia. In-home dementia care is continuous and can be provided by the same professional caregiver according to your loved one’s specific needs. 

Taking Care of Yourself

If you’re the sole caretaker of a loved one with dementia, you know the physical and emotional stress associated with this responsibility. A Long Beach homecare agency can help provide the time to take care of yourself as well. An in-home dementia caregiver can teach you about the disease and discover new ways to care for your loved one. You’ll also get the breaks you need to spend time with family and friends, or just take the personal time to recuperate.

If your loved one is suffering from this affliction, consider in-home dementia care. A Long Beach homecare agency employs professionals with the right training and skills to care for your loved one, and gives you the time and ability to rest. Even if you don’t need around-the-clock in-home care, a homecare provider such as Cambrian Homecare offers a broad range of services that includes bathing, dressing, toileting, running errands, meal preparation, light housekeeping, and companionship. Learn more about homecare in Long Beach by calling 877.422.2270.

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I am indeed grateful to the Cambrian services. How comforting to have a reliable person to care for me and my home. My mind is strong, my body is not, so there is Cambrian. Thank you Cambrian.- Betty P.








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