Why is the Mediterranean Diet Popular?

Homecare Temecula CA - Why is the Mediterranean Diet Popular?

Every time you go to the doctor or accompany your mom to her doctor, the Mediterranean diet comes up. It's clear doctors feel it's one of the best diets to follow, but you don't know why. What makes the Mediterranean diet so popular? 


The Mediterranean diet isn't hard to follow. It doesn't revolve as much on portion control as it does food choices. The basic premise of this diet is that your meals and snacks focus on vegetables, fish, whole grains, one small glass of red wine, and olive oil. You avoid red meat, sugary treats, and processed items. 


Why Not Thoroughly Clean Your Dad's Fridge While You're Self-Isolating?

Home Care Services Victorville CA - Why Not Thoroughly Clean Your Dad's Fridge While You're Self-Isolating?

As more states add stay-at-home restrictions, you might be getting bored. You might feel overwhelmed. Family caregivers suddenly find themselves trying to work from home, help school children with online assignments, and provide care. You can't take your dad to the beach for a walk. You can't go explore a zoo or museum. It's hard to de-stress when you're stuck in the house and yard. 


One thing you can do right now and check off some of the more time-consuming tasks on your list. It's a good time to get your dad's refrigerator cleaned and organized. It keeps you inside. It also helps you come up with a comprehensive look at what groceries he has and what he needs. You need to limit time inside a store, and this list makes sure you're avoiding multiple trips. 

Is a Routine Something Your Senior Is Missing?

Elderly Care Palm Desert CA - Is a Routine Something Your Senior Is Missing?

Routines don’t have to be boring, but that’s usually the association that people have when they hear the word. If your elderly family member is having some difficulties with rest, anxiety, or other issues, then she might be missing a routine. 


Disorientation Is a Real Problem 


Your senior doesn’t have to experience any sort of cognitive issue to have a difficult time orienting herself. If she’s always been busy and now is spending a lot of time at home without structure, the days can easily run into each other and start to blur a bit. Having a routine ensures that there’s less of that lost, slightly floaty feeling in your senior’s daily activities. 


Four Tips in Case You Get Sick

Elder care Riverside Ca - Four Tips in Case You Get Sick

Even caregivers catch a cold, and that might mean that you’re caught flat footed if you don’t have a plan ready to go for your elderly family member. These tips can help you to start putting a plan together, just in case you get sick and need to have someone else handle caring for your senior. 


Know Who You Can Call 


It’s a good idea to have a backup system in place all the time, just in case something comes up. If you get sick, there might not be a family member who could take over your duties in the same way that you do. That’s why you should always have another option in place. Elder care providers can help you and your elderly family member when you’re feeling great and just need a little help and they can be invaluable substitutes if you’re ever sick. 


Alternative Options to the Dog Your Mom Wants But Cannot Manage

Home Care Huntington Beach CA - Alternative Options to the Dog Your Mom Wants But Cannot Manage

Mobility or memory issues may make you question your mom's ability to care for a dog. Don't ignore your concerns. If she can't care for a dog, the dog would be the one paying for the lack of proper care. It can lead to an unruly/untrained dog or an unhappy dog. Instead, consider these alternative options. 


Talk to Her About a Cat Instead 


See if your mom would be willing to have a cat instead. While a cat still needs care, products like self-cleaning litter boxes, automatic food dispensers, and water fountains make that care easier to manage. 


Are You Forgetting to Ask These Questions When Arranging Senior Care?

Senior Care Torrance CA - Are You Forgetting to Ask These Questions When Arranging Senior Care?

When you and your family start to talk about senior care, you need to develop a list of questions. It's often new territory, and there's no one-size-fits-all plan. Make sure you're considering these situations when you're coming up with questions to ask a senior care advisor. 


What Are All the Fees? 


When you ask for prices, you often get a range or base rate in return. Ask specific questions about the care you know your mom and dad need now and what they may need in the future. For example, your mom may drive now. But, what happens if she can't drive three months from now? How much more will you be paying? 

The Realities of Being a Family Caregiver

Caregiver Long Beach CA - The Realities of Being a Family Caregiver

Informal caregivers are spouses, adult children, and other family members who provide unpaid care to a family member. It's estimated that more than 34 million people are caring for an older adult in their family or close circle of friends. Of those family carers, 15.7 million of them deal specifically with someone diagnosed with dementia. 

Before you agree to be the main caregiver to your parents, you should stop and consider the expectations vs. realities. Sometimes, people mean well and find that daily care routines are more stressful than imagined. They become stressed and overwhelmed without having thought everything through and making sure there's the right balance of self-care and caregiving duties.  

Celebrate National Hot Breakfast Month With These Heat and Eat Meals

Home Care Services San Diego CA - Celebrate National Hot Breakfast Month With These Heat and Eat Meals

Only three out of four Americans eat breakfast each day. That's not great as breakfast restores energy after a full night's sleep. If you get enough sleep, you're going more than eight hours from one meal or snack to the next. Getting up and having breakfast is important.

February is National Hot Breakfast Month. It's a good time to talk to your parents about their morning routine and make sure they're eating. With these heat-and-eat meals, they can have a satisfying meal without having to spend much time in the kitchen.

Does Your Senior Need More Assistance?

Elder Care Menifee CA - Does Your Senior Need More Assistance?

Changes happen so gradually for senior family members. Your elderly family member may have been aging in place just fine last week, but suddenly she needs a great deal more help. How can you tell that point has come? 

Her Hygiene Has Changed 

What Makes Long-distance Caregiving Easier?

Homecare West Covina CA - What Makes Long-distance Caregiving Easier?

Caregiving from afar can feel as if you’re trying to help someone with both hands tied behind your back. There’s a lot that you might feel as if you don’t know and you might not be sure just how to feel more informed. Some of these suggestions can help. 

Determine Who All Can Help Your Senior 

Early-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease and the Challenges That Come with It

Senior Care Victorville CA - Early-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease and the Challenges That Come with It

Has your elderly loved one been diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease? If so, you should know there are many challenges that might come along with that diagnosis. Finding out more about these challenges ahead of time can give you a one-up on the diagnosis. You can learn how to help them with each of these challenges after finding out what the challenges might be.  

Skin Care Tips for Your Senior

Home Care Palm Desert CA - Skin Care Tips for Your Senior

Your elderly family member’s skin care needs are an important aspect of her long-term care. Medications, health issues, and even the weather can all have an impact on how healthy your senior’s skin is right now. 

Watch the Water Temperature 

Water temperature matters a lot more than most people realize. When water is too hot, it can burn, of course, but there’s more too it. Hot water, or warm water for longer periods of time than is really wise, can be incredibly drying for skin. It’s a much better idea to use water that’s just warm enough and only for as long as necessary to get your senior clean. Dry skin is more likely to become chapped or to experience other small injuries that can become really uncomfortable. 


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