Senior Care Temecula CA - Four Steps Your Senior Needs to Take if She Does Fall

Avoiding a fall is definitely what you’re aiming for with your senior’s health, but there may be a time it’s unavoidable. If your elderly family member does fall, she needs to know what to do. 


Pause for a Moment before Doing Anything at All 


The immediate urge after a fall is likely to just do something, whether that’s trying to hop up right away or whatever else occurs to her to try. Encourage her if she does ever happen to fall to just take a moment to pause and breathe. This is going to let the shock wear off and help her to determine if she’s injured or needs other help. 

 Caregiver Victorville CA - Is Yoga Right for Your Mom?

Your mom fell. While she's okay, her doctor says she needs to get more exercise to tone muscles and improve balance. Yoga is the exercise program that experts recommend for stress reduction, balance, and muscle tone. 


Yoga is a form of exercise that blends breathing exercises with movements that stretch and tone muscles. Meditation is often encouraged within the program, which helps ease stress and tension at the same time. Before you try to convince her, it's best to look at if Yoga is right for your mom and how you'll get her to give it a try. 

Home Care Services Palm Desert CA - Tips for Helping Your Elderly Loved One Maintain Their Dental Care

Making sure that your elderly loved one has great dental hygiene and that they keep their dental health intact is very important. If your elderly loved one’s dental health is bad, this could cause decaying teeth and tooth loss. It could also cause infections that may spread to their blood. 


As people get older, the normal wear on their teeth is going to happen. However, without proper dental hygiene and care, your elderly loved one could develop more serious dental issues. Not only will this affect their self-esteem, but it could also affect their diet and overall health, too.  

Homecare Riverside CA - Six Benefits to Joining a Library During National Library Card Sign Up Month

Join your local library during National Library Card Sign Up Month. This national campaign started back in the late 1980's in hopes of encouraging every child to hold a library card. According to the American Library Association, there are more than 170.5 million people with library cards in the U.S. 


Library cards offer more than the ability to borrow hardcover and paperback books. Here are the six biggest benefits of joining a library. 


#1 – Discount Passes 

In-Home Care Huntington Beach CA - When is Hypertension a Concern?

Hypertension or high blood pressure is always a concern. Your dad's doctor pays very close attention to the numbers and comes up with a treatment plan. Here are the things you must know about hypertension. 


What Do the Numbers Mean? 


Blood pressure is the measurement of the pressure of flowing blood on the arteries within the heart. The first number (systolic) is the pressure of the blood during a beat. The second number (diastolic) is the pressure on the walls between beats. 


Elderly Care Torrance CA - Is Dressing Difficult for Your Elderly Loved One?

Does your elderly loved one have a difficult time getting themselves dressed? If so, giving them more time might help. However, there are other things that could be causing these difficulties. It is important to determine the reasons why your elderly loved one has trouble getting themselves dressed. It might be because they have a tough time reaching and bending. It might be because they have a health condition that causes these difficulties. Either way, there are some tips for helping them to get dressed easier.  


Making Choices Easier 


If your elderly loved one feels overwhelmed when they have to pick out their clothes, this might be because there are too many choices. If they have a lot of clothes in their dresser or closet that they don’t wear, you might want to get rid of these or put them someplace else for a while. Reducing the number of choices your loved one has when getting dressed can make things easier on them.  

Home Care Services Long Beach CA - What Should You Know About Transient Aphasia?

Has your elderly loved one lost their ability to communicate? If so, you and your elderly loved one might be scared. However, it is important to know that aphasia can happen any time that the speech part of one’s brain gets obstructed. Some people do end up with permanent aphasia due to brain damage. However, there are others who experience transient aphasia. This type of aphasia can occur due to environmental conditions.  


Transient Aphasia Symptoms 


If your elderly loved one experiences transient aphasia, it can affect their ability to communicate and/or comprehend things. There are various causes of transient aphasia ranging from mild to severe. Some of the symptoms of transient aphasia include the following: 

In-Home Care San Diego CA - Is it a Bladder Infection or Something Else?

Bladder infections are one of those health issues that you probably feel reasonably certain you recognize. The problem is that in older adults, bladder infections present differently. Because of that fact, you and your senior might not recognize a bladder infection right away. 


What Are the Typical Symptoms of a Bladder Infection? 


The usual symptoms of a bladder infection are usually physical. Your elderly family member might experience pain and her urine may be cloudy or have blood in it. In extreme cases, your senior might have a fever from the infection, but that’s more likely if the infection has spread to her kidneys. Your elderly family member might experience a strong urge to “go,” too. Incontinence could also be an issue. 


Senior Care Menifee CA - What Do You Look at When Doing a Home Safety Check at Your Mom's?

Have you ever looked at your mom's home in terms of safety? If she lives alone, she needs all possible risk factors tended to. You want her home to be free of obstacles that could cause a fall. Fire hazards and other safety issues must also be addressed. What should you look at? 


Stairs and Steps 


Check all stairs and steps for loose carpeting or carpet runners. Check that the railings are secure and not splintering. If the stairs are not carpeted, make sure they are not too slippery. If they are, you need something to add traction. 


Home Care West Covina CA - Navigating the Care of Your Aging Mom When She Insists She'd Fine on Her Own

Aging at home is often the best step. It's familiar and comforting. It's also normal to worry about your mom when she's living alone. If she fell, how long would it take someone to find her? If she was sick, would she immediately tell you? 


Many older adults refuse to ask for help. Pride steps in and keeps them from admitting they cannot do everything on their own. If that's your mom, she's going to insist that she's fine on her own. Don't let her talk you out of arranging home care services. If she needs help, make the arrangements. You need to navigate it carefully, but it's important. 


Homecare Temecula CA - Why is the Mediterranean Diet Popular?

Every time you go to the doctor or accompany your mom to her doctor, the Mediterranean diet comes up. It's clear doctors feel it's one of the best diets to follow, but you don't know why. What makes the Mediterranean diet so popular? 


The Mediterranean diet isn't hard to follow. It doesn't revolve as much on portion control as it does food choices. The basic premise of this diet is that your meals and snacks focus on vegetables, fish, whole grains, one small glass of red wine, and olive oil. You avoid red meat, sugary treats, and processed items. 


Home Care Services Victorville CA - Why Not Thoroughly Clean Your Dad's Fridge While You're Self-Isolating?

As more states add stay-at-home restrictions, you might be getting bored. You might feel overwhelmed. Family caregivers suddenly find themselves trying to work from home, help school children with online assignments, and provide care. You can't take your dad to the beach for a walk. You can't go explore a zoo or museum. It's hard to de-stress when you're stuck in the house and yard. 


One thing you can do right now and check off some of the more time-consuming tasks on your list. It's a good time to get your dad's refrigerator cleaned and organized. It keeps you inside. It also helps you come up with a comprehensive look at what groceries he has and what he needs. You need to limit time inside a store, and this list makes sure you're avoiding multiple trips. 

Elderly Care Palm Desert CA - Is a Routine Something Your Senior Is Missing?

Routines don’t have to be boring, but that’s usually the association that people have when they hear the word. If your elderly family member is having some difficulties with rest, anxiety, or other issues, then she might be missing a routine. 


Disorientation Is a Real Problem 


Your senior doesn’t have to experience any sort of cognitive issue to have a difficult time orienting herself. If she’s always been busy and now is spending a lot of time at home without structure, the days can easily run into each other and start to blur a bit. Having a routine ensures that there’s less of that lost, slightly floaty feeling in your senior’s daily activities. 



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