When you and your senior decide to help her to eat healthier, the idea can be intimidating. Putting it in practice can be even more so. Looking for ways to make that process easier helps all of you.

Season with Spices and Herbs.

One big way to step away from sweet and salty additions to your senior's food is to experiment with other flavors and seasonings. Herbs, spices, and even juices like lemon and lime can really spruce up a recipe in a new way. It can take a little bit of time for someone who is used to salt and sugar to get used to different seasonings, so be patient.

Experiment with Different Cooking Methods.

Just as seasonings can add nutrition and flavor value, so too can different cooking methods. Fried foods are not as healthy a choice as baked, braised, or grilled foods. The reason for that is that fried foods often hold onto quite a bit of the oil used in the cooking. Another option you might want to try is air frying, which gives the food a crispy, fried texture but without submerging the food in oil.

Pay Close Attention When Eating Out.

Eating out is an alternative to cooking and it can expose your senior to foods that she might want to try but doesn't want to cook herself. The problem, however, is that serving sizes can be much larger than your senior should eat. The food might also be cooked with ingredients that your elderly family member is trying to limit, such as salt. It's very common to make substitutions at restaurants, so don't be afraid to speak up when ordering.

Make a Menu Plan and Shop Accordingly.

Having a plan and then following it allows you to make changes to your senior's eating habits gradually and consistently. Sit down with her and determine what she wants to eat in the next few days. It can help to use grocery store sale ads to get ideas. You'll also be able to see at a glance what fruits and vegetables are on sale and therefore also in season. Don't forget to include healthy and convenient snack ideas, such as nuts, seeds, and easy-to-eat fruits.

Consider Hiring Senior Care Providers.

Keeping up with all of this can be difficult for your senior and for you as her caregiver. Another option is to hire senior care providers to assist with meal preparation, grocery shopping, and cooking. That takes some of the heavy lifting off of you while still helping your senior to eat healthier.

Eating healthier doesn't mean that your elderly family member has to be bored with her food choices or that she has to feel overwhelmed by all the changes. Tackle this new eating plan slowly and add healthier options to each meal as you go.

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