Resentment is one of those emotions that starts out fairly small and then balloons out of control. You might even think that you have resentment in hand, only to have it crop up another few times.

Why Is Resentment Popping Up?

Resentment often shows up because so much of your life as a caregiver starts to feel out of your control. You may resent some of the behavior that your aging adult exhibits, particularly if she takes her own anger and frustration out on you. You could also resent the fact that it is difficult to get the help that you need from family members at times. If you've put a lot of your life on hold, it's really easy to be upset about that fact.

Why Is This a Problem?

When you're full of resentment, that's not the optimal attitude for being a caring and effective caregiver. You're probably going to be a little shorter with your aging adult than you would want to be and your stress levels are going to be much higher than they should be. It can also lead to bigger issues, such as depression and constant feelings of guilt and negativity. Both you and your aging family member deserve better than that.

Call Resentment What it Is.

The biggest tool that you can use to start battling resentment is to call it what it is. When you waffle around and misname it that helps it to have power that it shouldn’t have. When you call those feelings resentment, you're naming them what they are. That gives the power back to you so that you can actually start to make some progress.

Find Ways to Right What's Wrong.

The next steps involve determining what the particular cause is for your feelings of resentment. This might take some time and some thought on your part. Journaling is one way that you can tap into your feelings and what might be behind them. Another way to do this is to talk to a friend or even to a therapist. You can also work through some of these issues in a caregiver support group with other caregivers.

Dealing with resentment head-on is the best way to fight it. Resentment fuels itself on secrecy and on emotions that you don't want to look at or talk about in depth. When you're able to take it into the light that takes away a lot of resentment's power.

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