At some point it's going to become necessary for you and your aging family member to address the issue of her ability to drive. Your elderly family member may want to continue driving for a long time to come, but that may not be feasible in terms of safety. 

Keep Your Senior Involved in Talks about Driving 

If your elderly family member feels as if you're making this decision without her input, she might dig in her heels. This is a really tough situation for so many aging adults because driving represents freedom and independence on a deep level. When you're consistently letting your elderly family member know that you're concerned about her well-being and that you want to know what she's thinking and feeling, she's less likely to try to shut you out. 

Start out by Limiting Driving Rather than Eliminating It 

As your senior experiences more difficulties with driving, she may find that she gradually starts driving less often on her own. If you can help her to taper off her driving trips that's a lot better than trying to go "cold turkey." She might enjoy driving herself around for one particular errand for instance or only to one location. 

Make Errands and Necessary Trips Easier 

If you can take need out of the equation, you're left with trips that are for fun or that are more negotiable. For instance, grocery delivery is becoming more prevalent. This can be a great way to both reduce the exhaustion your senior can go through with a big grocery trip and reduce the need for her to drive to the grocery store. Look for ways to make those necessary errands and trips less of a hassle for your senior. 

Give Her Alternatives that Are Easy to Access 

Alternative transportation options are key to succeeding with your plan of reducing your senior's driving. Senior care providers are an excellent option because they can help your senior with so many other tasks as well. And when they're already there helping her, it's easy to go ahead and let them handle the driving, too. This can be a tremendous worry that's off your shoulders, too. 

Your plan may need some adjusting along the way, too. Just because your elderly family member understands the need for her to ease away from being a driver doesn’t mean that she doesn't still have an emotional response. She might need some extra time to come to terms with what's going on. 

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