Family caregivers often find that they start to have a run of bad luck. Maybe it’s a bad mood several days in a row or maybe it’s just one bad day after another. Regardless, there are some steps you can take to get yourself through those not-so-fun moments. 

Tackle the Next Minute, and the Next 

When a situation or an entire day feels like it’s just never going to end, you have to remind yourself that it does. Get through the next minute, literally. Once you get through that next minute you can start to focus on the one after that and the one after that. Minute by minute, you’ll get through this. 

You Might Be Expecting Too Much 

It can also help for you to check your expectations. Sometimes a particular situation is one that you have invested a lot of emotional energy into. You might really want one particular outcome and that’s suddenly just not happening. You might have to adjust your expectations to match up a little more closely with reality.  

Are You Saying No at All? 

How often are you saying yes to activities, requests, and demands on your time? That all adds up, believe it or not. If you’re not saying no to anything, or to very few things, then you’re going to be spread a little too thin. That contributes to more bad days than you realize. 

Create Something 

Humans are creative beings. If you haven’t taken any time recently to create in some way, shape, or form, take the time now to do that. Creativity can help to turn a bad day and a bad mood completely around if you allow it to do so. Plus, you get a boost of endorphins from making something you enjoy. 

Ask for Help 

There is no shame in taking a bigger time out from a bad day. In some situations, stepping away for a little bit might be what your bad day or mood is trying to encourage you to do. Hire home care services providers to take over for you more often. Become comfortable with reaching out for and accepting help wherever you can find it. You might just decrease the amount of bad days you run into. 

Every day isn’t going to go exactly how you want it to go. That’s the case for every aspect of life. But it can feel particularly upsetting as a caregiver. Figure out what helps you most with a bad day and then use those tools. 

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