Vision loss steals a lot from your aging family member. She may even start to worry that aside from no longer being able to drive, she won’t even be able to walk or to get around in her own home any longer. There are some steps that you can take as her caregiver to help her to learn what she needs to know in order to maintain her mobility and a great deal of her independence, even with vision loss. 

Physical or Occupational Therapy Can Help 

Physical and occupational therapy are slightly different, but they each give your elderly family member a chance to learn new ways of coping with the challenges to her vision. Physical therapy can teach her how to move differently and how to accommodate the physical differences that losing her vision can bring. Occupational therapy teaches her what to do about the changes to her vision. It can teach her how to maneuver in the kitchen, how to get dressed, and so many other skills that she’s already mastered, but as a seeing person. 

Assistive Devices and Tools Make This So Much Easier 

Something else that occupational therapy can do for your elderly family member is to help her to learn to use assistive devices and tools. Canes can help to stabilize your elderly family member and also help her to find obstacles in her way that she can’t see. Other types of assistive devices can help her to continue to cook or do other activities that she enjoys, even with little to no vision. 

Avoid Changing Things up Too Much 

Your senior’s home needs to stay the way it is, as long as it’s safe for that to be the case. Making big changes now can really interfere with her ability to navigate her home safely. Some of the changes you might be considering, like installing grab bars, could be very helpful for your senior as she navigates this new time in her life. You should also do some clutter removal, especially in areas that are high traffic or that your senior walks through often. Improving lighting may also help a little bit. 

There’s a lot of frustration that comes with experiencing vision loss. Your elderly family member might be angry and afraid of what might happen. Consider hiring homecare providers to offer some assistance. Homecare services providers know what it’s like for aging adults to experience big changes like this and they can help. 

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