Being a caregiver for an older adult often involves cooperating with other family members, especially when the person being cared for is a parent and there are siblings involved. Coordinating family caregivers can sometimes require holding a family meeting. If you haven’t held a family meeting before, that might sound like no big deal to you. However, sometimes things can get out of control when it comes to discussing the needs of a parent. Not all family members may agree on what is needed. People who do not live near the older adult might not see just how much their health is declined. Others may be in denial about the situation. In addition, there can be issues concerning how much time each person is able to give toward caregiver responsibilities.

It can be helpful to go into a family meeting armed with tips that can make it go more smoothly. Below are some tips that may help. 

Consider Who Should Be There 

If you’re lucky, this issue is cut and dry; your family dynamics are simple and it’s clear who needs to be involved. However, in some families it’s not as easy. If your elderly parent is close to extended members of the family, they might feel slighted if they aren’t involved. In addition, you may be missing out on a source of help. Make a list of everyone who will be involved with the senior’s care. All of them should be invited to the meeting. If you’re uncertain whether someone should be invited, it can help to talk to other family caregivers or to call that person and ask if they are willing to be involved in providing care. 

Create an Agenda 

To keep the meeting from going to long or the conversation from straying to other topics, it can help to create an agenda that includes everything you need to discuss. You can always save some time at the end to discuss other matters and concerns. 

Use Technology to Include Everyone 

If some family caregivers live too far away to attend the meeting, use technology to include them virtually. There are many apps that can allow them to attend via video conference. 

Bring in Outside Help if Needed 

If there are tensions between family members, it may be helpful to bring in a trusted person who is not involved in caring for the senior. Consider choosing a neighbor that everyone knows, a family member who won’t be involved, like an aunt or cousin, or a clergy person. They can moderate the conversation and bring the conversation back on track if it starts to devolve into an argument. 



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