Aging comes with its ups and downs. One of the harder parts of aging are the changes to health. Even if your parent manages to dodge the common issues like high blood pressure, Alzheimer's, heart disease, and diabetes, arthritis affects millions of adults. It's also painful and can impact mobility. 

After a doctor's visit, your parents may be good for a few days and stop doing what they were told. They may not make any changes. How good are they at following their doctors' instructions? Take time to ask them and see if there are things you can do to help.

See If They'd Like You to Go to Doctor's Appointments

If cognitive impairment or hearing loss are issues, your parents may not understand or hear what the doctor says. If that's the case, having you go to the appointment and talk to the doctor after can clarify what needs to be done. 

You will need to be permitted to discuss their health. HIPAA paperwork takes care of this. The receptionist or doctor will have it for your parents to fill out. Many doctor's offices also keep electronic records now. If you can't go to the appointment, you can read the notes and test results when they're uploaded. You just need your mom and dad's passwords and log-in information.

Go Over the Instructions Together

Go over any doctor's instructions together. If your dad has gout and is told to avoid some of his favorite foods, make sure he knows that ignoring that will cause painful flare-ups. If your mom has asthma and has been told to keep her air purifier running and windows closed when pollen counts are high, make sure she does so.

Help Them With Prescriptions

If they're going to take prescription medications, help them out. Pill organizers, automatic refills, and mail-order prescriptions aid in the management of the different medications. Read the side effects and know what you should watch for. 

Research the medications and make sure there are no contraindications that restrict diet or over-the-counter medications. Ask the doctor if you're uncertain or want more information on something they're taking.

Medication management is one service that senior care aides can help with. They can remind your parents when to take a specific medication. If the medication needs to be taken on an empty stomach, they can make it part of the first task of the day. If it's a medication that has to be taken on a full stomach, they can cook the meal or snack first. Call a senior care agency to learn more.

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