It’s very rare that as a caregiver you won’t feel frustrated or irritated by not having the amount of help you expected to have. How you ask for help when you’re feeling this way matters a lot because it can make all the difference in getting you what you need. 

Rein in Your Feelings 

Your first step is going to be getting a handle on your feelings. You’re likely frustrated, upset, and maybe even angry that you don’t have more help. These feelings are valid, but they’re not going to be useful in solving your problem. Work through how you’re feeling so that you can get past the emotion and get to a solution. 

Nobody Can Read Your Mind 

No matter how clear you think it is that you not only need help, but also what kind of help would be best, other people probably don’t know. This is because they’re not able to read your mind nearly as easily as you believe they can. You’re going to have to actually share information and ask them for help instead of hinting. The less you rely on other people to just know you need help, the less likely it’s going to be that you get help. 

Be Really Clear about What You Need 

When you do ask for help, make sure that you’re crystal clear about what you need. If you’re vague or waffling in any way, you might find yourself right back at the end of your rope. To get clear of the frustration you need to do something different and that’s going to mean being incredibly clear and transparent about what you need from others and how you need them to accomplish it. 

Can the People You’re Asking Really Do This? 

Something else to consider is whether the people you’re asking for help are able to do what you’re asking of them. This isn’t about judging them or anything like that. What you need to pay attention to is whether you’re asking the right people to help with the right tasks. If their skills and strengths don’t match up with what you need, you’re both going to be disappointed. 

Stepping back and getting a new perspective on how you ask for help is going to make a big difference for you as a caregiver. You’re going to be more likely to get the help that you need, which hopefully will keep you from feeling at the end of your rope as much as you have been. 

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