For many adult children with senior parents that require regular homecare help, they are not only dealing with the responsibilities that go along with having a parent in need, but balancing the needs of their own families as well, which often include children.  

While hiring homecare can take an enormous load off of family caretakers both physically and mentally, many family members like to visit with their seniors regularly and some may struggle to find the time to be with both their children and their parents simultaneously. 

Here are some helpful ideas of ways that you can consider bringing your children and your parents together to make memories, bond, and allow you to be present with everyone in your family who needs your company the same time.  

Make a memory book. Children of all ages often like to get creative, and making a memory book with old photos, mementos, and written words can be something that both your kids and your senior parent can enjoy together. Gather up the old pictures that are probably collecting dust in someone’s basement, or take new photos of your kids and their grandparent together. Use markers or other paper decorations to allow everyone to decorate their own pages as you preserve history and bond while you are doing it.  

Activities. If your parent doesn’t have major mobility issues, taking them to a sport or activity that is important to your child can be a great way for them to feel included in their grandchild’s lives. Attending high school graduations, plays or school concerts, or sporting events are all ways that your parent and child can come together and make memories.  

Chores. For the older kids, who may be looking for ways to make a buck or two, consider having them do certain things around your senior’s house that may not fall within the range of tasks that your homecare aids can do, such as raking leaves or organizing items in the basement. If there is something they can do with your senior parent while earning an allowance and saving you time by not having to do it yourself, that’s an added bonus for everyone.  

History. A fun way to let your children learn about their Grandma or Grandpa, as well as preserve important and valuable familial information that could eventually be lost, is to have them come up with a list of questions to ask to get to know them and their past. Make sure to record their answers either on video or in writing so that you will have the information forever.  

Read. Another pastime suitable for people and kids of all ages, reading together is a great way to pass the time, learn new things, relax, and spend quality time being together. If your children have books that they are required to read for school, why not read aloud to Grandma or Grandpa? They will enjoy the company and presence of the people in their life that they love the most, and your child can cross homework off their list.  



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