Has your elderly loved one been diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease? If so, you should know there are many challenges that might come along with that diagnosis. Finding out more about these challenges ahead of time can give you a one-up on the diagnosis. You can learn how to help them with each of these challenges after finding out what the challenges might be.  

Working and Finances 

Early-onset Alzheimer’s disease can happen to anyone. While there are risk factors that can increase the risk of getting this disease, anyone can get it. While symptoms of the disease can be hidden for a while, eventually the symptoms will get in the way of someone working. They may lose their job. This, of course, is going to impact their finances. If your loved one has gotten this diagnosis and lost their job, they may need a senior care provider to help take care of them.  


Relationships are also going to be impacted by early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. Many people who get this diagnosis are still taking care of children. They may have a spouse who doesn’t know what to do after the diagnosis. Other family members might be confused about the symptoms their loved one is experiencing with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. It is important that everyone involved in the loved one’s life learn more about the disease. This way they can ease into the transition better. Alzheimer’s disease is only going to progress, so being able to learn about how to handle it early on is one of the best things a loved one can do.  

Mental Health 

Early-onset Alzheimer’s disease can affect the mental health of the person with the diagnosis. It can even affect the mental health of the people in their life, as well. The person with the diagnosis might feel anxious, confused, lost, or even depressed. The diagnosis can derail their life. It can change everything about what they do in their life. The loved ones of the person with the diagnosis might also feel anxious and on-edge. They may be confused and shocked by the diagnosis. This can lead to depression or irritability on their end, as well.  

These are some of the challenges that may come along with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. If your loved one has gotten this diagnosis, try to take some time to yourself. Do your best to breathe. You don’t have to take this all in on your own. You can hire senior care providers to come help take care of your loved one. 


Sources:  https://www.nia.nih.gov/health/alzheimers-disease-fact-sheet 




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