Changes happen so gradually for senior family members. Your elderly family member may have been aging in place just fine last week, but suddenly she needs a great deal more help. How can you tell that point has come? 

Her Hygiene Has Changed 

Hygiene changes can appear for a variety of reasons. If your elderly family member is experiencing mood issues or psychological problems, she can experience a lack of interest in keeping up with bathing and other hygiene tasks. But it’s important to note that physical limitations can also interfere with your senior’s ability to keep up with these tasks. All of these underlying causes can mean your senior needs much more help. 

She’s Storing Unopened Mail in Piles 

Unopened mail, particularly when it’s stored in piles, is a warning sign because it means that your elderly family member is ignoring a fairly simple task. Again, this could be due to depression or other psychological or mood issues. But it can also be a sign of cognitive trouble or that your senior just physically isn’t up to sorting through her mail. 

She’s Not Leaving the House as Often as She Used To 

When did your elderly family member last leave her home? If you’re not sure, you might want to do some digging and find out. If she’s not getting out as much as she used to, she may not be socializing as much as she did in the past, either. This can all be a sign that she’s experiencing bigger issues and that she might need some more help.  

Food Is Less Appealing to Her 

It’s also important to get an idea what and how often your senior is eating. Food is how she keeps her body fueled and gives it the nutrients that she needs to keep herself strong and healthy. Talk to your elderly family member about the types of foods she’s eating these days. If much of what she’s eating is processed or fast food, she would definitely benefit from a dietary change. 

Something Just Feels Off 

There might also be times when you talk to your senior or spend time with her and nothing appears to be wrong, but you just have a feeling you can’t ignore. Those little nudges are your intuition telling you to be on the lookout. There may be more going on than you consciously realize. 

Talk to your senior about what you can do and about what she needs right now. It’s possible that elder care providers are the best answer right now, especially if you’re not in a position to help your elderly family member in the exact ways she needs. 


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