When you and your family start to talk about senior care, you need to develop a list of questions. It's often new territory, and there's no one-size-fits-all plan. Make sure you're considering these situations when you're coming up with questions to ask a senior care advisor. 


What Are All the Fees? 


When you ask for prices, you often get a range or base rate in return. Ask specific questions about the care you know your mom and dad need now and what they may need in the future. For example, your mom may drive now. But, what happens if she can't drive three months from now? How much more will you be paying? 

It's unlikely there is any financial aid that can help your family with the cost of at-home senior care, but it doesn't hurt to ask. Work with the specialist to find the right balance of hours of caregiver services to make sure it doesn't negatively impact your parents' monthly income. 


What Training Do Caregivers Receive? 


Find out what training caregivers get. Some may not get much at all. Others go through certification programs. If your mom has Alzheimer's, you want a program where the caregivers learn how to connect with people who have limited short-term memory skills. 


How Are Caregivers Screened? 


Ask how the hiring process goes. Does the agency only hire people with some experience in caregiving or do they go for anyone who applies? Do they run background checks just in that state or on a national level? Do they check federal records, too? 

Find out if they do drug screenings and how many drugs the test looks for. Do they do the one test at the time of hiring or do they do random drug screenings from time to time? Ideally, you want to align yourself with an agency that doesn't give advance warning as to when drug tests are going to take place. 


Can You See Copies of Background Checks, Certifications, Drug Screenings, and Insurance Declarations? 


Ask if you can see copies of drug screenings and background checks. If the agency trains its employees, ask to see certificates the caregivers have received or the criteria they learn during training. You also want to make sure the agency is insured. Ask to see the insurance declaration. 

Print out a list of important questions before you call a senior care agency. Make sure you've asked your siblings and parents to share their concerns, too. You want questions to cover every concern or question your family has about home care services. 

Once you have that list, call our senior care agency. Make sure you understand the answers. If you don't, ask for clarification before you book a caregiver. 



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