Mobility or memory issues may make you question your mom's ability to care for a dog. Don't ignore your concerns. If she can't care for a dog, the dog would be the one paying for the lack of proper care. It can lead to an unruly/untrained dog or an unhappy dog. Instead, consider these alternative options. 


Talk to Her About a Cat Instead 


See if your mom would be willing to have a cat instead. While a cat still needs care, products like self-cleaning litter boxes, automatic food dispensers, and water fountains make that care easier to manage. 



Instead of needing to be there every day to let your mom's pet out or take it for a walk, the cat stays inside. You don't need to stop by each day to feed it with a food dispenser. You can empty the litter box and change the water filter and water in the water fountain when you're able to stop in each week or every few days. 


Volunteer at a Dog Shelter or Rescue 


Instead of owning a dog, your mom could volunteer at a local dog rescue or shelter. She could have a volunteer position like sitting in a play area and playing or brushing the dogs. 


She'll spend time with a variety of dogs as often as she wants. She doesn't have the financial obligation to meet. She also doesn't have to try to go outside alone to walk a dog or take the dog outside a few times a day. 


Robotic Therapy Dogs 


There are mechanical dogs that look like dogs and act like dogs, but they're computerized, mechanical stuffed dogs. They're designed for people with dementia who crave the companionship but cannot properly care for a dog. 


These dogs respond to touch. They'll turn their head into a hand when they're pet. They can bark and wag their tales. In the latter stages of Alzheimer's, these robotic therapy dogs are ideal. 


Ask a Neighbor 


If your mom has a neighbor with a dog, ask if your mom could visit with the dog from time to time. She might find that the neighbor is happy to have the dog getting a visitor while they're working or running errands. 


While dogs are great companions, your mom may find human companionship to be even better. With home care services, she has caregivers top by on a schedule. She'll have help with tasks she finds challenging and companionship at the same time. Call our home care agency to ask about companionship services. 



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