Even caregivers catch a cold, and that might mean that you’re caught flat footed if you don’t have a plan ready to go for your elderly family member. These tips can help you to start putting a plan together, just in case you get sick and need to have someone else handle caring for your senior. 


Know Who You Can Call 


It’s a good idea to have a backup system in place all the time, just in case something comes up. If you get sick, there might not be a family member who could take over your duties in the same way that you do. That’s why you should always have another option in place. Elder care providers can help you and your elderly family member when you’re feeling great and just need a little help and they can be invaluable substitutes if you’re ever sick. 



Make a List of Important Contacts 


You already know all the important emergency numbers, or at least where to find them, but someone who is taking over for you might not have that information as readily. That’s why it’s a good idea to put together an emergency contact list and to post it somewhere prominent, like right on the refrigerator door. Having multiple copies is likely a good idea, too.  


Put Together Other Information Someone Would Need 


There’s a lot more besides phone numbers that someone might need in order to take over for you. There are little details about your elder’s care that you have collected over years of caregiving. Someone else won’t have access to that amount of information right out of the gate. If you can, put together an information packet that contains as much of that vital knowledge as you can.  


Take the Time You Need 


Once you know that you’re as prepared as you can be, you need to give yourself time to get better. Rushing your own healing or trying to push through and tackle caregiving duties before you’re feeling back up to speed is going to set you back even more. You owe it to your immune system to give yourself what you need. You also don’t need to take any germs to your senior. 


Even the best immune system doesn’t keep you from getting a cold now and then. When you are knocked out, even for a day or two, it helps so much to have a plan in place for your senior so that her care is seamless. 



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