Routines don’t have to be boring, but that’s usually the association that people have when they hear the word. If your elderly family member is having some difficulties with rest, anxiety, or other issues, then she might be missing a routine. 


Disorientation Is a Real Problem 


Your senior doesn’t have to experience any sort of cognitive issue to have a difficult time orienting herself. If she’s always been busy and now is spending a lot of time at home without structure, the days can easily run into each other and start to blur a bit. Having a routine ensures that there’s less of that lost, slightly floaty feeling in your senior’s daily activities. 



Structure Gives Your Senior Something Solid 


Even if your elderly family member doesn’t experience disorientation, odds are high that she does feel a little as if she doesn’t have something there supporting her. She may not be able to describe that amorphous something, but it’s probably a structure to her day. That gives her something that she can rely on, every single day. 


Your Senior May Experience Less Anxiety 


Anxiety can be a serious issue for older adults and anything that helps her to reduce anxiety is a good thing. Routines let her know what she can expect, which is a crucial part of helping her to keep anxiety in check. If anxiety is a new issue for your elderly family member, there may be an underlying health reason that’s contributing. Talking to her doctor can help to narrow down those causes. 


She Also Might Sleep Better 


Lowering anxiety and generally feeling more grounded during the day can leave your elderly family member feeling more relaxed in general. That can mean that she starts to sleep better, too. Sleep is a cornerstone of good health, so anything that you can do that helps your elderly family member to get better sleep is absolutely crucial. 


You Can Get a Lot from a Solid Routine, Too 


When your elderly family member has a routine, that enables you to have one, too. That’s important because you’re less likely to be putting out fires all day long. When you can focus on what’s happening now, you’re going to have smoother days. 


If you’re not able to be there with your senior to help her to stay on her routine, elderly care providers are an excellent choice. Elderly care providers can help her to remember what happens next and assist her wherever needed. 


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