As more states add stay-at-home restrictions, you might be getting bored. You might feel overwhelmed. Family caregivers suddenly find themselves trying to work from home, help school children with online assignments, and provide care. You can't take your dad to the beach for a walk. You can't go explore a zoo or museum. It's hard to de-stress when you're stuck in the house and yard. 


One thing you can do right now and check off some of the more time-consuming tasks on your list. It's a good time to get your dad's refrigerator cleaned and organized. It keeps you inside. It also helps you come up with a comprehensive look at what groceries he has and what he needs. You need to limit time inside a store, and this list makes sure you're avoiding multiple trips. 


Take Everything Out Before You Begin 


Take all foods out of the refrigerator and freezer. Go through them and look for mold and expiration dates. Compost what you can and recycle the jars and containers. Make sure you're looking at the expiration date and not a sell-by date. Foods that are past a sell-by date may still be fine. 


Clean the Outside 


Turn off and unplug the fridge while you clean it. Pull the appliance away from the wall and use an upholstery brush to clean off the back. Sweep and mop the floor where the refrigerator is positioned. Use the vacuum to clean the front vents of the refrigerator and move it back into place. 


Clean the Inside 


The drawers and shelves of the refrigerator need to be removed, if possible. Wash them in hot, soapy water. For shelves that cannot be removed, scrub stuck-on messes with a sponge. Wipe the mess away and go over all of the shelves and walls with paper towels and a bleach sanitizing spray. 


Consider Organization 


Small plastic containers that fit on shelves help keep small items like mustard, jam/jelly, and other condiments organized. You can also use them for storing cans of seltzer, soda, beer, and other canned beverages. Place the rest of the refrigerated and frozen items in their respected places. Plug it back in. 


Help your dad as much as you can during the pandemic, but don't risk his health if you may have been exposed to the virus. If there is a chance you could have the disease, stay home and let professional caregivers from a home care services agency help your dad with meals, housekeeping, laundry, companionship, and personal care. 


Home care services gives you peace of mind that all's okay with your dad. This way, you can take care of yourself and recuperate if you are ill. 


If you or an aging loved-one are considering Home Care Services in Victorville CA, talk to the caring staff at Cambrian Home Care today. (562) 498-1800 / (877) 390-4300.



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