Every time you go to the doctor or accompany your mom to her doctor, the Mediterranean diet comes up. It's clear doctors feel it's one of the best diets to follow, but you don't know why. What makes the Mediterranean diet so popular? 


The Mediterranean diet isn't hard to follow. It doesn't revolve as much on portion control as it does food choices. The basic premise of this diet is that your meals and snacks focus on vegetables, fish, whole grains, one small glass of red wine, and olive oil. You avoid red meat, sugary treats, and processed items. 



Better Cognitive Function 


Several studies have found that the Mediterranean diet benefits cognitive function. The National Institutes of Health's National Eye Institute recently released the results of two studies they did. Both looked at the effects of the Mediterranean diet on cognitive function. 


One study looked at people's cognitive function after five years on the diet. The other looked at their cognitive function at baseline, two years later, four years later, and 10 years later. The participants who closely followed the diet had the highest cognitive function when the study ended. 


What Does a Day on the Mediterranean Diet Look Like? 


If your parents started the Mediterranean diet, their daily meals and snacks might look like this: 


Breakfast – Steel cut oats with fresh dates, walnuts, and a drizzle of honey or a smoothie made with nut milk and frozen mixed berries 

Morning Snack – Dried apricots or roasted, unsalted almonds 

Lunch – Minestrone with a slice of whole-grain baguette or a half avocado stuffed with shrimp tossed in garlic, olive oil, and lemon juice 

Afternoon Snack – Hummus with raw vegetables or a bowl of olives 

Dinner – Broiled cod on olive oil drizzled spinach served with farro pilaf or grilled shrimp and zucchini kebabs served on barley salad 


Dessert is not offered. If your parents wanted something for dessert, stick to fresh fruit. You could offer slices of banana with almond butter or grilled pineapple skewers. 


Could Homecare Providers Help With Your Mom and Dad's Daily Meals? 


If your parents are having a harder time planning and preparing meals, homecare providers are an ideal solution. Homecare providers can cook meals for them, work with them on the weekly menu, take them shopping, or go shopping for them. At home, caregivers carry in the groceries and put them away. 


Homecare providers prepare the meals, serve them, and do the dishes after. Your parents eat well and have someone to chat with while they eat. 


Sources:  https://psychcentral.com/news/2020/04/15/mediterranean-diet-tied-to-better-cognitive-function/155744.html  


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