Bladder infections are one of those health issues that you probably feel reasonably certain you recognize. The problem is that in older adults, bladder infections present differently. Because of that fact, you and your senior might not recognize a bladder infection right away. 


What Are the Typical Symptoms of a Bladder Infection? 


The usual symptoms of a bladder infection are usually physical. Your elderly family member might experience pain and her urine may be cloudy or have blood in it. In extreme cases, your senior might have a fever from the infection, but that’s more likely if the infection has spread to her kidneys. Your elderly family member might experience a strong urge to “go,” too. Incontinence could also be an issue. 



Changes in Behavior Are the Biggest Sign 


One of the biggest signs of a bladder infection that you’re likely to see in an older adult is a change in behavior. Your elderly family member may seem more irritable than usual or she may seem to be thinking differently than usual. Very often memory issues may be at play, too, which can cause either you or your senior to worry if she’s dealing with issues related to dementia. She may experience only behavioral changes, with no other signs of a bladder infection, which can lend credence to the belief that there’s something going on in her brain. 


Personal Care Tasks Are a Factor 


Personal care, things like showering and changing clothes daily, are all part of helping your elderly family member to avoid bladder infections. That’s because all of these tasks are related to hygiene, which is a big part of remaining as healthy as possible. Talk to your senior about what’s becoming difficult for her so that you can find ways together to solve the problem. Having help from in-home care providers may do more for her than either of you expect. 


So Is Her Overall Health 


There are some health issues that can make bladder infections more likely, too. Talk to your senior’s doctor about whether any of her existing health conditions are impacting the frequency at which she might experience bladder infections. There may be more you can do from a health standpoint to help her to feel better more regularly. 


Whenever you or your senior notice unusual or odd symptoms, it’s a good idea to get medical advice. As she grows older, your senior may exhibit unfamiliar symptoms for familiar ailments. 


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