Does your elderly loved one have a difficult time getting themselves dressed? If so, giving them more time might help. However, there are other things that could be causing these difficulties. It is important to determine the reasons why your elderly loved one has trouble getting themselves dressed. It might be because they have a tough time reaching and bending. It might be because they have a health condition that causes these difficulties. Either way, there are some tips for helping them to get dressed easier.  


Making Choices Easier 


If your elderly loved one feels overwhelmed when they have to pick out their clothes, this might be because there are too many choices. If they have a lot of clothes in their dresser or closet that they don’t wear, you might want to get rid of these or put them someplace else for a while. Reducing the number of choices your loved one has when getting dressed can make things easier on them.  



It might also help to organize your elderly loved one’s clothing. Help them to pick an outfit the night before and lay it out someplace where they can easily get to it in the morning. Every item should be laid out correctly, so your loved one can put it on without difficulties.  


Easy-to-Wear Clothing 


Your elderly loved one might have difficulties getting dressed because their clothing isn’t easy to wear. For example, if your loved one’s clothing has a bunch of buttons, it might be difficult for them to get these together. You might want to get them more t-shirts and sweaters that don’t have buttons or zippers. The clothing should fit your loved one loosely, as well. This will help them to get each clothing item on a little easier.  




Maybe your elderly loved one just doesn’t want to have multiple outfits. They might like wearing the same exact thing every day, so they don’t have to experience change as much. If this is the case, be flexible with them. Go out and buy them 5 of the exact same t-shirts. This way they are getting changed every day, but they are still able to wear the same outfit if they choose to do so. 


Hire Elderly Care Providers 


If your elderly loved one has health issues that are making it difficult for them to get dressed, you might need to hire elderly care providers to help. These providers can help your elderly loved one to get out their clothes and get dressed. 


If you find that dressing is difficult for your elderly loved one for any reason, the above-mentioned tips should be able to help them out.   




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