Join your local library during National Library Card Sign Up Month. This national campaign started back in the late 1980's in hopes of encouraging every child to hold a library card. According to the American Library Association, there are more than 170.5 million people with library cards in the U.S. 


Library cards offer more than the ability to borrow hardcover and paperback books. Here are the six biggest benefits of joining a library. 


#1 – Discount Passes 

 Most libraries have discount passes available for patrons. You could borrow the pass and visit a museum for free or a substantial discount. You'll find passes for art museums, state parks, public pools, and historic sites. 


#2 – Online Learning 


Public libraries may partner with online learning sites. Members can take classes online for free or for deep discounts with sites like Coursera or Universal Class. 


#3 – E-Book Loans 


If you or your parents read on devices like the Nook or Kindle, e-book loans are a key benefit available to library patrons. Instead of driving to a library to pick out books, borrow them online and have them sent to your device. 


#4 – Genealogy Research 


Talk to your public library about access to genealogy software. Some libraries allow patrons to sign into genealogy databases for free. Use these databases to track your family tree. 


#5 – Movies 


Borrow movies from your local library. Most libraries offer DVDs and Blu-Ray movies, TV show box sets, and documentaries. Unlike many movie rental boxes or stores that require the movie to be returned the next day, libraries give you several days to watch them. 


See if your library partners with Kanopy. If it does, you can stream movies from Kanopy at home for free. 


#6 - Audiobooks 


Your parents may have problems reading books due to the print size. If the library offers audiobooks, they'll have the chance to enjoy their favorite novels or try something new in an audiobook format. Instead of having to strain their eyes and struggle to read books that aren't available in large print, they can listen to them instead. 


Homecare aides can bring your parents to the library to sign up for a library card. They can bring your parents to the library to borrow books, use public computers, or engage in library events. 


You benefit from having homecare providers for respite care. Let caregivers help out while you take classes or attend events at libraries. Caregivers are also engaging companions to help with meals, housework, and medication reminders. Learn more about our homecare services by making a call. 






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