Making sure that your elderly loved one has great dental hygiene and that they keep their dental health intact is very important. If your elderly loved one’s dental health is bad, this could cause decaying teeth and tooth loss. It could also cause infections that may spread to their blood. 


As people get older, the normal wear on their teeth is going to happen. However, without proper dental hygiene and care, your elderly loved one could develop more serious dental issues. Not only will this affect their self-esteem, but it could also affect their diet and overall health, too.  

The good news is that you and their home care providers can help your elderly loved one to maintain their dental care.  


Twice Daily Brushing 


It is recommended that people brush their teeth twice a day (once in the morning and once in the evening). Your elderly loved one might need to use flouride toothpaste. However, this should be verified by their dentist first. If your elderly loved one can’t remember to brush on their own twice a day, you or their home care providers can remind them.  


Once a Day Flossing 


Your elderly loved one should also be flossing their teeth once a day. This can help to get the gunk out from between their teeth. Most toothbrushes aren’t going to get deep in between the teeth. This is why it is very important to be sure that your elderly loved one flosses to get everything out from their teeth.  


Regular Dental Appointments 


You or a home care provider can ensure that your elderly loved one is going to regular dental appointments. The dentist will assess your loved one’s dental health. If there are infections, cavities, or other dental health issues, the dentist will make a treatment plan to take care of these things. In addition, the dentist will do regular cleanings. This gives your elderly loved one a deeper clean than they are able to do on their own.  


Avoiding Certain Foods 


There are certain foods that increase the risk for tooth decay. Sugary, sweet, and fat-filled foods are all contributors to tooth decay. It is important to encourage your elderly loved one to eat a healthier diet. While they can have unhealthy snacks every once in a while, it should not be a regular thing.  




These are some of the tips that you can use to help your elderly loved one maintain their dental care. Remember, if your elderly loved one has dental health issues that are left untreated, this could lead to serious problems.  




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