Your mom fell. While she's okay, her doctor says she needs to get more exercise to tone muscles and improve balance. Yoga is the exercise program that experts recommend for stress reduction, balance, and muscle tone. 


Yoga is a form of exercise that blends breathing exercises with movements that stretch and tone muscles. Meditation is often encouraged within the program, which helps ease stress and tension at the same time. Before you try to convince her, it's best to look at if Yoga is right for your mom and how you'll get her to give it a try. 

 Ask Her Doctor About Yoga 


Ask her doctor before you do anything else. You need to know that she is healthy enough to start a Yoga program. If it's okay, you can choose a beginner Yoga series of videos or take her to a class at a studio. There are also virtual classes that are instructor-led but keep her from having to travel. 


Create the Right Atmosphere in Her Home 


If she's practicing Yoga at home, make sure her room is set up with a Yoga mat or soft flooring. She won't want to be on hardwood floors. She needs enough room to stretch out whether she's sitting, laying down, or standing up in a pose. 


Do a Yoga Workout With Her 


Is she more likely to try Yoga if you do it, too? Join your mom and do Yoga together. You'll both benefit from the stretches, poses, and breathing exercises. It helps you ease stress and work the muscles at the same time. 


Start With Warm-Up Stretches 


Before you get started, complete some warm-up stretches. This prevents injury as you start doing the poses. Some videos and classes start with stretches. If the program you've chosen doesn't, make sure your mom does some first. 


Make Sure She Doesn't Push Herself Too Hard 


When she starts, don't let her push herself too hard. If there's a pose that she cannot complete because her leg won't lift that high or bending that far is difficult, make sure she knows to stretch as far as feels safe and stop there. 


As time passes, she'll become more limber and the poses and exercises become easier to complete. By not pushing her body too far, she'll avoid injuries to her muscles, ligaments, and tendons. 


Enlist caregivers to help you keep your mom on track. If she's supposed to do one Yoga session each day, you may not be available to supervise her all day long. Caregivers can fill in while you're at work or taking care of tasks around your own household. 


Caregivers can put on a video for her, help her with the poses, and make sure she stays hydrated throughout the session. She gets the exercise she needs, and you don't have to rearrange your schedule to be there all day. 


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