It’s springtime and a perfect time of year to make sure your elderly loved one’s home is safe and in order. Since spring cleaning can be overwhelming for seniors who are living independently at home, hiring a Long Beach homecare agency to help is a great way to remove the clutter and organize the house.   


Why Spring Clean?

While a home may not appear dirty, this once a year cleaning does a lot more than just make the house more aesthetically pleasing. In fact, an unclean home poses a variety of health issues that can wreak havoc on a senior’s overall health. As dust accumulates, it can increase allergy problems or even cause respiratory issues. While these aren’t life threatening, they can cause serious health issues in seniors since this can cause the immune system to weaken.

In addition to cleanliness issues, the buildup of clutter throughout the home can increase the risk for falls and serious injury. A cluttered home can also pose significant fire danger, and the accumulation of unnecessary items can put seniors who suffer from limited mobility in harm’s way. Mold and mildew are known to pile up in the crevices of clutter, which can impact not only the senior but also any friends or family who visit the home.

How a Long Beach Homecare Agency Can Help

In addition to assisting with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, toileting, cooking, eating, and general housekeeping, a Long Beach homecare agency can also help seniors with their spring cleaning. The company can identify clutter issues and prevent them from becoming a larger, more severe issue down the road. 

Many seniors are at high risk for clutter because they begin to hold onto items they don’t necessarily need as a way to remain in control of their lives. They may have items with sentimental value or items they don’t feel comfortable throwing away, which leads to further clutter inside the home. A Long Beach homecare agency can help identify and mitigate these clutter risks by:

  • Inspecting carpet, rugs, furniture, and electrical cords to make walking easy and safe
  • Organizing closets and drawers to prevent items from falling or spilling out onto the floor
  • Ensuring bills and mail don’t pile up in the home
  • Reducing the frustration associated with organizing a large amount of things at one time
  • Discarding expired food items from refrigerators and freezers
  • Helping remove items seniors don’t need, want, or use
  • Keeping an eye on compulsive shopping or online ordering that increases clutter
  • Providing companionship to reduce the compulsion to hoard items that may make them feel more comfortable at home

Consider hiring a Long Beach homecare agency if your elderly loved one can benefit from a spring cleaning to declutter the house and ensure safety. If the home is in need of a deep cleaning, the agency can help manage the cleaning person and keep your loved one company. Of course, the homecare agency is always ready to assist with the day-to-day care of your loved one with regards to personal hygiene, meal preparation, medication compliance, and other daily activities.

Learn more about the services provided by a Long Beach homecare agency by calling 877.422.2270.

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