Most people will come to a point when they must make that complicated and delicate decision about whether or not their loved one is able to live on his or her own (from here on, for simplicity’s sake we will use the pronoun “he”). But how will you know it is time? There are plenty of elderly individuals living independently—some well into their 90s—but there are also many who need help with day-to-day activities as early as in their 50s. 

The decision to start using Long Beach homecare services isn’t easy. No one wants to admit that their parent or loved one can no longer care for himself on his own, but there will come a time when it is imperative for your loved one’s safety that he no longer lives by himself. 

When you’re exploring your options for homecare, you will most likely come across Long Beach non-medical homecare as an option. Making a decision is never easy, but by understanding how each type of homecare works you can make a more informed decision. You will want to contact a local homecare agency directly to learn more about the services provided. In the meantime, here are some of the basics of non-medical homecare to consider.

Living independently at home is typically the most desirable situation for seniors in their golden years. Even when they have diminishing physical and mental capacities, homecare in Long Beach allows seniors to continue to live happy, healthy lives. Home safety is a crucial part of ensuring their well-being, so consider these home safety tips to help keep your elderly loved one safe in the place they feel the most comfortable.

Having difficult conversations with their elderly parents can be a daunting task for their adult children. This isn’t necessarily because their parents lose their ability to communicate. Instead, other factors influence how effective conversations may be. Small disagreements often arise when discussing important issues, which can lead to frustration for everyone. If these types of conversations continue, the frustration can fester and strain relationships. 

In addition to having reduced cognitive abilities, elderly parents may also have problems performing day-to-day activities such as dressing, going to the bathroom, washing, cooking, eating, and running errands. In these situations, a Long Beach caregiver can be an excellent resource to help with all of their daily needs. Since caregivers are typically seen as a neutral helper—not a relative with a more complicated relationship—they are often able to communicate more effectively. 

When you hire a Long Beach caregiver to take care of your loved one, you typically think about their daily needs with regards to physical and emotional well-being at home. They manage your loved one’s care, which can include bathing, cooking, eating, running errands, light housework, and even medication management. What you may not realize, however, is that your Long Beach caregiver can act as a senior advocate for your loved one outside of the home—especially at the doctor’s office.

Changes in life brought about by retirement, isolation, medical concerns, limited mobility, and many other issues can lead to elderly depression. In addition to affecting his or her mental state, elderly depression can also impact a senior’s sleep, energy level, ability to eat, and overall physical health. Elderly depression is a serious condition that must be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible so he or she can get back to enjoying life as soon as possible. 

As we age our ideal healthy weight can change. Unfortunately, the usual tools for determining healthy weight, such as the body mass index (BMI), muscle to fat ratios, and waist circumferences may not be as applicable for elderly adults. Furthermore, these measurements should only be determined by a trained professional who understands the differences between healthy weight gain and weight loss in elderly and non-elderly adults.

When you think of an eating disorder, you probably think of a teenage girl. Many eating disorders at this age are caused by social influences, peer pressure, and depression. Elderly people are just as prone to eating disorders, but the spectrum of causes is typically more complex. According to research, 78 percent of anorexia nervosa deaths are elderly people—both male and female. Fortunately, the risks of this destructive disease can be reduced with the help of Long Beach homecare.

There comes a point when using family and friends for care is not enough and professional assistance is needed. Often this occurs when a loved one needs daily—if not around the clock—care and assistance with daily activities such as showering, eating, and dressing. Family and friend caregivers often don’t have the time to take care of minor household activities, thus leaving them undone. Hiring an Orange County in-home caregiver can help ease the workload and provide a loved one with the care she needs and her family with the security of knowing she is in good hands.

It is easy to get stressed, busy, and just forget your medications. Most likely, your missed or late dose will not impact your overall well-being in the long run, but for the elderly, medication compliance is imperative for their vitality. 

Elderly medication compliance is one of the biggest concerns among healthcare professionals. According to a study by Harris Interactive, over 50 percent of all prescriptions administered are not taken as prescribed or are never filled in the first place. This is an alarming statistic, especially considering the fact that non-compliance can easily be prevented with a little help. In fact, one of the many services provided by Long Beach homecare companies is ensuring elderly mediation compliance.

It’s a sad truth that elderly individuals are abused by relatives, caretakers, and strangers—in and outside of their home. This abuse often goes unnoticed or unreported. According to the National Center on Elder Abuse, it is estimated that one to two million Americans over the age of sixty-five have been subject to some form of abuse or neglect. Unfortunately, many victims are unable or too afraid to report these crimes, which is why the NCEA estimates that for every one elder abuse case reported, five go unreported. These startling statistics make it clear why Long Beach homecare services are so important if family members are unable to provide the necessary care for their elderly loved ones.  


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