Does Your Senior Need More Assistance?

Elder Care Menifee CA - Does Your Senior Need More Assistance?

Changes happen so gradually for senior family members. Your elderly family member may have been aging in place just fine last week, but suddenly she needs a great deal more help. How can you tell that point has come? 

Her Hygiene Has Changed 

What Makes Long-distance Caregiving Easier?

Homecare West Covina CA - What Makes Long-distance Caregiving Easier?

Caregiving from afar can feel as if you’re trying to help someone with both hands tied behind your back. There’s a lot that you might feel as if you don’t know and you might not be sure just how to feel more informed. Some of these suggestions can help. 

Determine Who All Can Help Your Senior 

Early-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease and the Challenges That Come with It

Senior Care Victorville CA - Early-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease and the Challenges That Come with It

Has your elderly loved one been diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease? If so, you should know there are many challenges that might come along with that diagnosis. Finding out more about these challenges ahead of time can give you a one-up on the diagnosis. You can learn how to help them with each of these challenges after finding out what the challenges might be.  

Skin Care Tips for Your Senior

Home Care Palm Desert CA - Skin Care Tips for Your Senior

Your elderly family member’s skin care needs are an important aspect of her long-term care. Medications, health issues, and even the weather can all have an impact on how healthy your senior’s skin is right now. 

Watch the Water Temperature 

Water temperature matters a lot more than most people realize. When water is too hot, it can burn, of course, but there’s more too it. Hot water, or warm water for longer periods of time than is really wise, can be incredibly drying for skin. It’s a much better idea to use water that’s just warm enough and only for as long as necessary to get your senior clean. Dry skin is more likely to become chapped or to experience other small injuries that can become really uncomfortable. 

Four Signs Your Senior Could Have COPD

Elderly Care Riverside CA - Four Signs Your Senior Could Have COPD

It’s not always immediately obvious that someone has COPD. This is an ailment that can take longer than you might expect to get diagnosed, especially if your elderly family member doesn’t realize what the changes to her breathing might mean. 

Pain or Tightness in the Lungs and Chest 

Your senior might mention that she’s got pain or tightness in her chest. She might experience this at all times or only when she’s breathing deeply. Sometimes this can be scary because most people think about pain in the chest as being related to heart problems. Your elderly family member might be dealing with either of those concerns, which is why it’s important to mention chest pain or tightness to her doctor right away. 

Ways to Include Grandchildren in your Senior’s Life

Homecare Huntington Beach CA - Ways to Include Grandchildren in your Senior’s Life

For many adult children with senior parents that require regular homecare help, they are not only dealing with the responsibilities that go along with having a parent in need, but balancing the needs of their own families as well, which often include children.  

While hiring homecare can take an enormous load off of family caretakers both physically and mentally, many family members like to visit with their seniors regularly and some may struggle to find the time to be with both their children and their parents simultaneously. 

Asking for Help When You’re at the End of Your Rope

Caregiver Services Torrance CA - Asking for Help When You’re at the End of Your Rope

It’s very rare that as a caregiver you won’t feel frustrated or irritated by not having the amount of help you expected to have. How you ask for help when you’re feeling this way matters a lot because it can make all the difference in getting you what you need. 

Rein in Your Feelings 

Your first step is going to be getting a handle on your feelings. You’re likely frustrated, upset, and maybe even angry that you don’t have more help. These feelings are valid, but they’re not going to be useful in solving your problem. Work through how you’re feeling so that you can get past the emotion and get to a solution. 

How Well Do Your Parents Follow Their Doctors' Instructions?

Home Health Care Long Beach CA - How Well Do Your Parents Follow Their Doctors' Instructions?

Aging comes with its ups and downs. One of the harder parts of aging are the changes to health. Even if your parent manages to dodge the common issues like high blood pressure, Alzheimer's, heart disease, and diabetes, arthritis affects millions of adults. It's also painful and can impact mobility. 

After a doctor's visit, your parents may be good for a few days and stop doing what they were told. They may not make any changes. How good are they at following their doctors' instructions? Take time to ask them and see if there are things you can do to help.

Could Napping Be a Sign of Alzheimer’s?

Home Care Services West Covina CA - Could Napping Be a Sign of Alzheimer’s?

Does your older family member tend to nod off during the day? If so, new research suggests that it could be a sign of Alzheimer’s disease. There are 5.8 million people in the United States with Alzheimer’s disease. It is a progressive disease that causes brain cells to die. As a result, the senior experiences a decline in thinking skills, memory, behavioral skills, and social skills that continue to worsen over time. Scientists continue to study the disease, hoping to learn things that could lead to a cure one day. This latest study offers insight that may help doctors to diagnose Alzheimer’s sooner, allowing for earlier treatment. 

Does Your Parent Have Gastroparesis?

Home Care San Diego CA - Does Your Parent Have Gastroparesis?

Gastroparesis is one of the complications that can occur with diabetes. It causes the stomach to empty much more slowly than it should. The contractions that occur in the muscles of the stomach don’t contract as strongly or quickly as normal, which interferes with the digestive process. Gastroparesis can cause uncomfortable symptoms, like nausea. But, more importantly, it can make it harder for diabetics to control blood sugar levels or get the nutrition they need.  

Tips for Holding a Family Meeting

Caregiver Menifee CA - Tips for Holding a Family Meeting

Being a caregiver for an older adult often involves cooperating with other family members, especially when the person being cared for is a parent and there are siblings involved. Coordinating family caregivers can sometimes require holding a family meeting. If you haven’t held a family meeting before, that might sound like no big deal to you. However, sometimes things can get out of control when it comes to discussing the needs of a parent. Not all family members may agree on what is needed. People who do not live near the older adult might not see just how much their health is declined. Others may be in denial about the situation. In addition, there can be issues concerning how much time each person is able to give toward caregiver responsibilities.

Is Your Older Relative Sleepy or Is it Fatigue?

Elderly Care Temecula CA - Is Your Older Relative Sleepy or Is it Fatigue?

You may not think there’s much difference between your aging relative feeling sleepy or being fatigued, but there is a great deal of difference when it comes to their health. Fatigue can be a sign of some serious health conditions that need medical treatment. Understanding the difference can help you to know when your older family member just needs a nap or when it’s time to see a doctor.  


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