5 Reasons Why Family Caregivers Need Holiday Respite

Elderly Care in Palm Desert CA: Holiday Respite Care

While caring for an elderly relative can be stressful any time of year, there’s something about the holiday season that amplifies it. If you want to get a handle on holiday activities and responsibilities, consider hiring an elderly care provider. The can assist you with your caregiving duties and provide you with some much-deserved holiday respite. With their help, you can reduce your stress levels and truly find enjoyment in the holidays.

Some Heart Attack Risk Factors Are Worse for Women

Elder Care in Long Beach CA: Heart Attack Risk Factors for Women

As a family caregiver, you may be aware of some of the risk factors for heart attack. Perhaps you know that having high blood pressure or diabetes increases risk. And, you likely know that smoking is a major risk factor. But, did you know that some risk factors might be worse for women than they are for men? According to a research study that took place in the United Kingdom, it’s true.

What Are the Risks Your Mom Faces if She Isn't Eating Properly?

Caregiver in Torrance CA: Risks Your Mom Faces if She Isn't Eating Properly

The World Health Organization estimated that 1 out of every 6 people in the world would experience malnutrition by 2015. In the elderly, WHO stated about 90 percent don't get enough vitamin D. Half of seniors don't get enough protein. About 3 out of 10 seniors don't get enough selenium, vitamin B12, or zinc. Here are a few risks your mom faces if she isn't eating properly.

Could Your Parent Have Fibromyalgia?

Home Care in Long Beach CA: Could Your Parent Have Fibromyalgia?

If you’ve watched television lately, you’ve probably seen commercials advertising medications for fibromyalgia. In those commercials, they say the symptoms of fibromyalgia include “chronic widespread pain.” That’s not a very specific description. But, the vagueness of the description kind of sums up the disease itself because there’s still so much confusion and misunderstanding surrounding it. Fibromyalgia is a disease that can strike at any age, including as an older adult. If your aging relative has been diagnosed with the disease or is complaining of chronic pain with no apparent cause, knowing more about fibromyalgia may allow you to get them the help they need.

Help! My Elderly Mother Has Eczema

Senior Care in Long Beach CA: Eczema

Patricia’s elderly mother was doing well with her senior care provider in the home after her stroke. While her mother had a stroke nearly 4 months ago, she was working hard in therapy and doing as much as she could to stay self-reliant. After a few weeks, the senior care provider let Patricia know that her mother might be struggling with eczema, a skin condition that leaves patches of dry, scaly skin. Patricia made an appointment with the doctor, determined to learn as much as she could about eczema in the elderly and how to treat it.

What is Pulmonary Fibrosis?

Elder Care in Palm Desert CA: What is Pulmonary Fibrosis?

Pulmonary fibrosis is a serious condition that affects the lungs. It affects approximately 200,000 older adults in the United States. It affects a person’s ability to breathe freely and can cause complications, including an increased risk of lung cancer. If you have an older adult family member with pulmonary fibrosis, knowing more about the condition can help you to be a more effective caregiver.

Tips for Cheering Up Your Senior If They're Feeling Lonely


Loneliness can be a tremendous risk for an elderly adult. The changes in their life that have come with aging can lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation that put them at greater risk of a variety of health issues and other challenges, including depression, anxiety, cardiovascular disease, and more. As their family caregiver, it is important for you to take the steps you can to reduce this loneliness and boost your parent's health and quality of life as they age in place.

Choosing Between Long Beach Homecare and Senior Living Facilities

Each day more families across the United States are seeking out care options for their aging loved ones. Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are becoming overcrowded and, with the recent statistics on aging Americans, these facilities are only expected to fill faster. 

The Administration on Aging states that by 2030 there will be approximately 72.1 million Americans over the age of 65—more than double from 2000. That means care options will be stressed, and assisted living facilities and nursing homes will continue to be cluttered. Fortunately, professional Long Beach homecare is readily available, enabling aging adults to receive individualized care and the freedom to live in the comfort of their own homes.


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