Steps to Hiring an Orange County In-Home Caregiver

There comes a point when using family and friends for care is not enough and professional assistance is needed. Often this occurs when a loved one needs daily—if not around the clock—care and assistance with daily activities such as showering, eating, and dressing. Family and friend caregivers often don’t have the time to take care of minor household activities, thus leaving them undone. Hiring an Orange County in-home caregiver can help ease the workload and provide a loved one with the care she needs and her family with the security of knowing she is in good hands.

Elderly Medication Compliance – Is Your Loved One at Risk?

It is easy to get stressed, busy, and just forget your medications. Most likely, your missed or late dose will not impact your overall well-being in the long run, but for the elderly, medication compliance is imperative for their vitality. 

Elderly medication compliance is one of the biggest concerns among healthcare professionals. According to a study by Harris Interactive, over 50 percent of all prescriptions administered are not taken as prescribed or are never filled in the first place. This is an alarming statistic, especially considering the fact that non-compliance can easily be prevented with a little help. In fact, one of the many services provided by Long Beach homecare companies is ensuring elderly mediation compliance.

Hiring a Reputable Long Beach Homecare Service Can Help Prevent Elder Abuse

It’s a sad truth that elderly individuals are abused by relatives, caretakers, and strangers—in and outside of their home. This abuse often goes unnoticed or unreported. According to the National Center on Elder Abuse, it is estimated that one to two million Americans over the age of sixty-five have been subject to some form of abuse or neglect. Unfortunately, many victims are unable or too afraid to report these crimes, which is why the NCEA estimates that for every one elder abuse case reported, five go unreported. These startling statistics make it clear why Long Beach homecare services are so important if family members are unable to provide the necessary care for their elderly loved ones.  

Things to Consider Before You Hire an Orange County Homecare Agency

There are many things to consider when choosing an Orange County homecare agency. From knowing what questions to ask to learning about the specific caregiver who will be caring for your elderly parent, hiring the right Orange County homecare agency involves some research and legwork. Be careful not to be lulled into a false sense of security when it comes to background checks, the expertise of the caregiver, etc. Just because a caregiver comes from an agency does not mean he or she is trained and trustworthy. 

Long Beach In-Home Care versus Nursing Homes: Which is Best for Your Loved One?

Making the decision to either hire a Long Beach in-home care provider or to place a loved one into a nursing home facility can feel overwhelming. You will have questions and numerous options to explore during the decision-making process. These options can significantly impact your life or that of your loved one. While some individuals prefer to receive in-home care, others prefer to live in an assisted living or nursing home facility where they receive around-the-clock care. Understanding the difference between Long Beach in-home care and nursing home care can help you decide what option is the right fit for you, your loved ones, and your financial situation.

Orange County Home Care Helps You Care for an Elderly Parent From Afar

When families are spread out across the country, it can be difficult to determine whether an elderly parent is having trouble living on her own. A local Orange County homecare company can keep an eye on a parent that may be too far away for family to check in on every day, and can provide the services she needs to remain independent in her home.

Since seniors can face a variety of problems with both their physical and mental health as they age, it’s important to at least keep in touch by phone on a weekly basis so you can pay attention to any changes in behavior, speech, or mood. 

A Long Beach Homecare Provider Helps Seniors Age Independently

As our population ages, medical advances are enabling many seniors to live longer, fuller lives than ever before. Exciting travel, new hobbies, making friends—your golden years can be your chance to experience all those things you’ve been saving up for.

And with new medical advances, it can be difficult when you realize that a family member is no longer quite as independent as before. People rarely change overnight from complete self-sufficiency to needing round-the-clock care. There is a transition that can last years when a senior may only need help for a few hours a day or a few days a week.

Homecare services can help you bridge this transition. Hiring a licensed  Long Beach homecare provider can keep your family member in her home for longer and for less money than nursing home placement would cost.

Tips for Finding the Best Orange County Home Care Agency for Your Loved One

Whether your loved one needs in-home non-medical care or just help with chores around the house, you want to ensure that the Orange County home care agency you allow into the home is trustworthy and reliable. In-home care services can be temporary or permanent depending on your loved one’s needs. Though hiring a private individual is an option, it is best to hire a home care agency that offers the added peace-of-mind you need to leave your loved one in the care of a stranger. Before selecting any company, consider a few of these tips to ensure the agency you hire is not only trustworthy, but reputable as well.

Long Beach Elderly Homecare Can Help You Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Nutrition becomes even more important for our health and well-being as we age. We want to keep our bodies healthy and our organs functioning at optimum levels. The benefits of eating well include a sharper mind, better physical condition, increased energy, and the ability to recuperate quickly from injury and illness. 

Healthy eating should not be confused with bland food or dieting. It is very possible to eat healthy and enjoy the foods you eat, all without sacrificing taste. In cases where caring for yourself is not possible,  Long Beach elderly homecare is an option worth exploring. You will be able to maintain your independence, yet benefit from having someone come to your home to help prepare meals.

Choosing the Best Long Beach Homecare Agency

When it comes to caring for your elderly loved ones, you expect and they deserve the best care available. Many local families depend on Long Beach homecare agencies to provide a high level of in-home help. Homecare companies offer a wide variety of services, such as dressing, bathing, toileting, cooking, housekeeping, championship, and running errands. Not surprisingly, homecare has become a popular option to care for people who are well enough to remain in their familiar surroundings rather than face the challenges of nursing homes and assisted living centers. 

Choosing the right Long Beach homecare agency for your loved one is certainly one of the quintessential requirements in making sure he or she gets only the best service and protection.

Home Safety Tips for Disabled People in Orange County

Home accessibility for the disabled is a key component to their ability to live happy and healthy lives. There can be many dangers lurking in a home that can cause serious injury to an elderly or disabled family member. If your loved one has recently become disabled, or if you just want to learn more about private duty homecare services in Orange County, the tips below may help you make her home a safer place to live.

Steps to Take Before an Elderly Parents Doctor Appointment

Taking care of an elderly parent can become extremely stressful, especially when health is concerned. Many elderly parents feel they can take care of themselves without help, since they have been able to do so for many years prior. Adult children taking care of their elderly parents can also feel uncomfortable about the role reversal, not wanting to alienate them. It is, however, very important to keep track of their doctor appointments and medications. As we age we tend to have more frequent lapses in memory, which can be very detrimental to their well-being if they are put in charge of their own health. Missing medications or doctor appointments can have serious effects. If you are unable to attend these appointments, a Long Beach homecare company can provide assistance. 

Does Your Elderly Parent Need Orange County In Home Care Services?

Visiting our elderly parents should always be an enjoyable experience. Family get-togethers, holiday visits, and outings create unforgettable memories. During these visits it’s important to make sure they are properly caring for themselves. Many elderly parents feel embarrassed that they are no longer able to do things for themselves, and fear that they will be put in a nursing home if their children discover their diminished abilities.

These days there are many options to consider when an elderly parent needs help in the home. For many seniors living in Orange County,  in home care services may be the perfect way to enable them to remain independent and continue to enjoy their existing lifestyle.


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