Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-Term Care InsuranceFinding resources to pay for in-home care can be challenging. Should you or your loved one have long-term care insurance, coverage for caregiver services may be available! The first step to success with long-term care insurance is clarifying the benefit and eligibility requirements. Cambrian’s knowledgeable and experienced Intake Specialists can assist in gathering the information needed to initiate services as well as assist to complete and file the necessary paperwork.

Many long-term care insurance companies have requirements that must be met. Some of these include:

  • Licensure
  • Liability and workers compensation insurance
  • Caregiver oversite
  • Quality assurance practices 
  • Caregiver documentation standards

Cambrian Homecare is an experienced and qualified provider with experienced caregivers to meet each of these requirements and more!

For questions about long-term care insurance, contact our Intake Specialists at (877) 422-2270.




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I am indeed grateful to the Cambrian services. How comforting to have a reliable person to care for me and my home. My mind is strong, my body is not, so there is Cambrian. Thank you Cambrian.- Betty P.








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